A New Chapter, A New Home

“It’s a new beginning… It’s a new chapter in my life – hopefully, a better chapter.”

In October, Janine DiPaolo received the key to her new home in Struthers. A place to turn the page and take ownership of her life. A place all her own. During the dedication, Janine could not fully express her gratitude to the volunteers who helped make her dream a reality. “It’s overwhelming, you know?”

Janine is one of the homeowners Habitat for Humanity of Mahoning Valley (HFHMV) has given a hand-up to homeownership this year. With a 0% interest mortgage and a down-payment of sweat equity, homeownership is made possible for low-income families and individuals in the Valley. And it is not only homeownership that HFHMV offers. Tamesha Elliott, the newest Habitat homeowner this year, made a comment to the Habitat staff as her home was being finished. It’s not just a home; it’s a community. It’s people coming together to help one another and becoming friends.

Tamesha’s home will be dedicated this month on Tuesday, December 13th at 10AM. Her home is located at 4271 Lake Road, Austintown, OH 44515. Please join us as we welcome Tamesha and her family into their new home and into our Habitat community!

Janine DiPaolo (left middle)

Tamesha Elliott (right)

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