HFHMV Executive Director Monica Craven and Struthers ReStore Assistant Manager Meg Williams visited Columbus on April 25th for #HabitatAdvocacyDay2017 to join their voices with 22 other Habitat affiliates throughout Ohio. They learned about the importance of advocacy to ensure the continuance of federal grants and programs that keep Habitat affiliates operational. They also learned that there is a strong need to advocate for the benefit of the community and homeowners HFHMV serves. Without policies, regulations and a sustainable budget that support communities and the process of obtaining a home, Habitat cannot be effective in its mission to provide decent, affordable, safe housing.
If you would like to advocate for Habitat and support its mission, you can take action to protect federal programs that Habitat relies on: AmeriCorps, funding programs( i.e. HOME and SHOP), and the Solid Ground effort that fights for families to have equal access to land. By taking two minutes to complete an electronic letter that can be personalized with your own message, you can take action on the Habitat International website!

The Legislative Priorities HFHMV is focused on currently are:

  • Property Tax Exemption for Habitat for Humanity ReStores
  • Support for the Ohio Housing Trust Fund (OHTF)
  • New Homestead Act (in draft form)
  • Preservation of the Community Housing Impact and Preservation Program (CHIP)

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