If you are interested in volunteering for a committee, please call 330-743-7244 x 304.

Faith Relations Committee

The Faith Relations Committee builds and maintains the vital relationship between Habitat and local churches and religious groups. Responsibilities include making contact with church leaders, building awareness of Habitat and coordinating special projects with faith communities in the Valley. Members of all faiths are welcome!

Chairperson: None

ReStore Committee

Anyone with experience in business, accounting, retail and/or public relations would be an excellent fit for the ReStore Committee! The main purpose of the committee is to assist in the planning and growth of the Struthers and Salem ReStores. 

Chairperson: David Redig

Site Selection Committee

People who are interested in identifying potential sites for construction should join the Site Selection Committee. This includes working with local government officials on acquiring land as well as lots for building, water and sewer hookups. Committee members will need to work with the Construction Committee to ensure lots are “buildable”. Those who like to dabble in real estate would be natural members.

Chairperson: John Burgan

Construction Committee

The Construction Committee is for people who have an interest in, and may have knowledge of, home construction. This can include surveyors, architects, carpenters, concrete workers, plumbers, electricians, utility workers, and those who work with building supplies. If you have any knowledge, or if you would like some on-the-job training, please join the Construction Committee!

Chairpeople: Bill Schroeder

Family Selection Committee

The Family Selection Committee interviews families who have applied for a Habitat home. Committee members will check eligibility of applicant families and help start their journey to homeownership!

Chariperson: Kate Huff

Family Support Committee

The Family Support Committee supports partner families in tracking sweat equity and in the transition to homeownership. Committee members will assist partner families in areas of budgeting and understanding home maintenance. Minimum 2 year commitment required!

Chairperson: Judith Lobaugh

Resource Development Committee

The Resource Development Committee approaches potential donors (individual, church, corporate) for either cash or “in-kind” gifts of material, labor, property, or support. The committee develops fundraisers and related materials as well as assists in grant writing.

Chairperson: Steve Henzely

Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee writes articles for newsletters and the website. Committee members also coordinate with local media to share the Habitat story! The Public Relations Committee “gets the word out” about Habitat.

Chairperson: None

Volunteer Engagement Committee

The Volunteer Engagement Committee develops ways in which to recruit, train, and retain volunteers! The committee also does outreach, solicits lunches for the volunteer construction crews, creates opportunity for youth involvement, and ensures event success through the recruitment of volunteers. The Volunteer Engagement Committee also plans volunteer appreciation events and activities.

Chairperson: Leah Sakacs, Volunteer Services Coordinator, AmeriCorps 2016-18