How To Sign-Up Online

1.  Visit and click on the Volunteer-Up icon on the Volunteer page.

2.  Select Register if this is your first time scheduling online.

3.  Fill out the complete registration form. If you are part of a group, select the group name in the groups/teams section.

4.  Click “register” once you have completed the form to submit your registration form.

5.  On the Registration Completed page, click “Return to Calendar” at the top of the page.

6.  On the calendar page, find the day you wish to volunteer and click on the link with your team name or ‘Construction’.

7.  Make sure you click “Sign-Up” on the Sign-Up page.

8.  Information about your day of service will be emailed to you as soon as you click Sign-Up!

9.  For any questions, please call 330-743-7244 x 304.

To Cancel
It’s important for us to have specific numbers of who comes to build. It helps us make the day more fulfilling by having sufficient work for you – and it ensures we have lunch. Adding and subtracting volunteers can be disruptive. If at all possible please cancel (or add a friend) at least a week in advance of your scheduled build day.