Step 1: Qualifying

In order to buy a home from Habitat for Humanity, you must meet three basic requirements:

1. Have a need for decent housing.

2. Have the ability to pay for a home.

3. Be willing to partner with Habitat. This partnership will involve at least 30 hours per month (one day per week) of volunteer work with us in addition to your regular employment. We can customize the process to accommodate your abilities and/or physical limitations.

For more details regarding qualifying, please see our Pre-Application Brochure, or feel free to call Colin Penney at 330-743-7244 x 302.

Step 2: Application

You will need to complete all necessary paperwork, and a home visit will be scheduled and performed by a team from the Family Selection Committee. You will then need to receive approval from our Board of Directors.

Step 3: Fulfillment of Sweat Equity Hours

Once approved, your household will begin completing sweat equity hours, including: working on other Habitat homes, working at the ReStore, attending homeowner education classes, and building your own home!

To begin the application process, please fill out and send in your Pre-Application Brochure.

Welcome Home!