What to Bring
We will provide everything you need! If you do decide to bring tools, please label them so you don’t accidentally make a “donation”. Some items you can bring, if you decide, are: water bottle, hammer, tape measure, pencil, knife, safety glasses, gloves, tool belt, and/or nail apron.

What to Wear
Dress for the weather. Shoes must be closed-toed, closed-healed, and not croc-like. Tennis shoes or work boots would be appropriate. Long pants and t-shirts or long-sleeved shirts are recommended but not required. Long hair must be tied up, and clothing must not be loose. No jewelry, with the exception of earring studs. This is a construction site with limited access to running water – you are likely to get dirty. Please don’t wear anything you would hate to ruin!

What to Expect
When you arrive you will need to sign in, make a nametag, and complete the liability waiver, if have not yet already. The orientation will include information about Habitat, work assignments, and safety guidance. Please do not plan on starting work prior to this orientation! Lunch will be provided on Saturdays at noon. There will be a tool trailer on-site for you to pick-up (and return) the tools you will need to complete your work assignment. There will also be a port-a-john and first aid kit if needed. A Construction Manager will be on-site leading the group and will have experienced volunteers leading small teams.

When to Arrive
Plan to arrive at 8:45AM.

What about Weather
We DO work when it’s cold, snowy, or rainy. If the weather is dangerous, however, we will cancel or move the crew to another location. Any cancellations or change in location will be relayed to your group leader and emailed to all who have registered online.