Struthers ReStore Staff


Rich Chifolo – ReStore Manager

He is a man of mystery!

Petrina Armstrong

Petrina Armstrong – ReStore Manager

This peachy lady has been involved with HFHMV for over five years. Petrina started as a volunteer, then moved onto being our head cashier, and now has moved her way up to being a ReStore Manager. Her smiling face is one of the many reasons she has so many regular customers that know her by name.

Meg Williams – ReStore Assistant Manager

Meg has joined our ReStore staff as a Youngstown native; though, she has been living in Texas for the last four years. She wakes up every morning excited about her job!

Joe Hallas

Joe Hallas – ReStore Supervisor

Joe or Moe from Larry, Curly and Mo, is a huge help with the ReStore, organizing donations and always keeping the staff in positive spirits. On his off days, he enjoys a nice lunch at Rips, just down the street from the ReStore.

Dennis Johnson

Dennis Johnson – ReStore Supervisor

Dennis is not only a ReStore Supervisor, but a pricing master. Every item that is placed on the ReStore floor has gone through Dennis’s approval. You can try to negotiate prices, but good luck!

Kris Akers – ReStore Cashier

Kris loves her job because of the people who visit the ReStore, so please visit (again) soon! Kris is a wizard who will charm you into visiting the ReStore again and again (and she’s a Harry Potter fan)!

Jennifer Walters – ReStore Associate

Jennifer moved to the Youngstown area about a year ago and joined our Habitat family! She loves art and is currently working to restore her own home!

Will Watkins – ReStore Associate

Will is a fan of the local Elmton and Briar Hill Pizza in Struthers and his hobby is track’n’field. He is a native of Struthers and loves Habitat!

John Black – ReStore Associate

John was born in Oklahoma, but he calls Youngstown home. He used to play football – and is still a big fan of the sport – and has his degree in Criminal Justice.

Salem ReStore Staff