Kristina Nicholas – Interim Executive Director / Resource Development Manager

Kristina brings innovative thinking and more than a decade of fundraising, grant writing and marketing experience to her role. She’s a party planner at heart so get ready for some exciting events!


Michael Ondrey – Construction Manager

Meet our new construction manager! Michael previously worked with Youth Build, so he is the perfect fit for us! He is a native of Struthers and knows the area well. Michael fits in very well with our crazy staff!


Colin Penney – Program Director

Colin, the nomad from Vermont, loves to play a good, competitive game of racquetball.  This Ohio Wesleyan graduate has traveled the world before arriving to Youngstown in 2011.


Ruth Patton – AmeriCorps Construction Leader

Ruth is originally from McAllen, Texas and recently moved to Ohio. She’s a slice of heaven on the construction site with all of her experience and “can do” attitude! She likes ramen, peanut butter ice cream, and collects watches.


Leah Sakacs – AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator

Leah grew up in Austintown but has been living in California for several years. She accepted the AmeriCorps position with HFHMV and road tripped back (and we’re so excited she did). Her positive energy is a rare treat and she’s also detail oriented which is like we won the lottery! She’s setting up groups and individuals to help out with volunteering and lunches on the sites so contact her to get more involved. She’s a bookworm, likes to watch movies, and her fav local pizza is from the Elmton.


board photo (640x427)

First Row: Bev Willis, Sandi Phillips, Brian Pretoka, Terry Louk, Jenn Gavalier, Adam Davis

Back Row (standing):  Heidi Buck, Scott Vlaiku, Jennifer Kurtz, Shawn Carvin, Matt Morgan, David Redig

Not Pictured: Jamie Dietz, Ken Cummings