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Recycling Day at the Habitat Hub


On Monday, October 4th, HFHMV will be hosting a Community Recycling Day in honor of World Habitat Day. Drop off any items below from 9am-12pm at 1919 E Midlothian Blvd Youngstown, OH 44502.

*IMPORTANT*: In order to keep the flow of traffic moving, please stay in your car at each station. If possible, please put all items to be recycled in your trunk. HFHMV staff will be getting the items out of your car. 

We will have the following drive through stations:

      1. FREE paper shredding 
  • Staples/rubbers bands/paper clips are allowed
  • Absolutely NO hard bindings like 3 ring binders or cardboard or plastic  
  •  5 standard boxes or bags

      2. Batteries
  • Acceptable types of BATTERIES: AA, AAA, C and D batteries, 9-volt (rectangular) batteries, button batteries (from hearing aids, watches, etc.), Ni-Cad batteries from your household electronics, etc.
  • Unacceptable types of BATTERIES: Lead-acid, lithium and fluid-type batteries, car batteries, etc.
       3. Old electronics (NO TVs)
       4. Cardboard and plastic bags

Questions? Email Alyssa at aosborne@hfhmv.org.

We hope to see you there!

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