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Aptiv Foundation Donates $10,000 to Habitat for Humanity of Mahoning Valley


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Habitat for Humanity of Mahoning Valley is pleased to announce that the Aptiv Foundation has awarded the organization $10,000 to support Habitat’s mission of helping local families build a better life for themselves through affordable housing.

“We wanted to support an organization that is making a difference in our Valley and we are thrilled for this partnership with Habitat,” said Garrett McIntyre, Aptiv Technical Solutions Manager.

Garrett and a team from Aptiv toured a home being rehabbed by Habitat on Lansdowne Boulevard in Youngstown. A part of this donation will be used for the final funding of this house, which is expected to be completed by early 2023.

“For us this is more than a donation,” said McIntyre. “We will be getting our team involved on a build in the Spring – it’s about doing what we can to help our community.”

The partnership is exciting for Habitat for Humanity of Mahoning Valley’s new Executive Director, David Redig, who joined the organization in September. “Habitat has so much opportunity to do more and help those across our Valley – Aptiv’s support is amazing,” said Redig.

With this donation coming just days before the Christmas holiday – it was certainly a blessing for Habitat, allowing the organization to continue their mission in the Valley.

PHOTO (Left to Right): Shawna Lewis (Aptiv), Teresa Hegarty (Aptiv), David Redig (Habitat), Garrett McIntyre (Aptiv), John Pechatsko (Aptiv) and James Hamilton (Aptiv)

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